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We provide professional, technical and strategic services to the world's built and natural environments in six key practice areas: Buildings, Earth & Environment, Energy, Industrial, Infrastructure, and Sustainability. With a heritage dating back to 1928, the Envara Group name was adopted in April of 2011 by the Trow Global group of companies to provide clients with easy access to its highly experienced and creative professionals, whether locally or globally. With thousands of people in offices across North America and around the world, we provide the experience and expertise needed to deliver successful project outcomes for our clients and add value to their businesses. Whether the project is big or small, clients have access to our global capability platform from our local office network to ensure the right people provide the right solution.

We have the consistent involvement of our senior leadership team, ensuring that we remain creative, solutions-oriented and attentive to the needs of our clients and our coworkers.

Our mission, vision and values set the foundation for the way we do business.

What is Envara Group's purpose? What do we do out there in the world? That's where the mission comes in. It tells people quickly and easily who we are and what we do. Our vision is a blueprint for growth; it sets the direction for our future. And when it comes to values, we have those, too! Our values articulate our standards and expectations - what's a good fit and what's not. It helps in recruitment efforts and in seeking best-in-class clients - because the closer the fit, the more successful the relationship will be.

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