We design and manage the creation of places where people live, learn, work, heal, research, shop and have fun - all over the world. Working closely with our clients in both private and public sectors, we provide a full range of services for the commercial, residential, institutional and industrial markets. We're your partner from the start, beginning with the initial land development phases of the project, through design and construction to the finish and beyond.

Earth + Environment

Our environmental engineers, scientists and specialists understand local issues, and we're able to pool resources from around the globe so that teams are tailored to your specific needs.This may include solving a unique technical challenge or assembling an integrated team to offer a total solution with a single point of contact.


Energy fuels our lives and powers our economy. Our team has the expertise and proven track record to help you to design, permit, create, upgrade, maintain or even decommission your energy project. Whether it's designing a hydroelectric plant, constructing a wind farm, accessing geothermal vents, or designing and permitting a cross-country natural gas pipeline, our team has the skills and experience to help your project vision become reality. Our engineers and specialists are with you every step of the way, providing services in all aspects of project management, process design, permitting, procurement and construction management.


Our experience gives us insight into the many technical and business challenges that come with complex industrial projects. It allows us to offer a complete range of multidisciplinary services including: process; mechanical; electrical, structural; instrumentation, automation and controls.

We can also support your industrial project across the entire project life-cycle. Starting with the initial land development, we are with you every step, from feasibility studies through initial technology assessment, design, construction, commissioning and operations, to final decommissioning.


The demand for global infrastructure is increasing dramatically in the emerging economies of the world, usually in places where gaps exist between current infrastructure and what is needed to sustain economic growth. In the developed world, on the other hand, much of the infrastructure is operating past its design life and the pace of retrofits and new builds can't keep up..

Our team has the right blend of expertise and experience to meet the world's evolving infrastructure challenges. We provide a full range of services in transportation, land development and water and waste to both public and private sector clients, and we've been doing it for decades.


Building a bright and livable future takes commitment. As a society, we need to change the way we live, work, use energy resources, and care for our planet.

Through sustainability, business life can be extended, recreated or reborn - never truly ending. At Envara Group, we offer a new way of thinking of how to use sustainability technology and practices to enhance projects throughout their life cycle, while positively affecting financial performance.

We incorporate sustainability into every step of the planning, design, construction and operation phases of your project. Our commitment is to provide our clients with solutions that enhance their triple bottom line - the environmental, the social, and the financial.

This commitment to reevaluating processes and technology extends to other aspects of sustainable development. From sustainability audits to carbon management programs to life cycle analyses, we develop innovative and sustainable solutions that create green communities and green businesses as the building blocks of a sustainable society.

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